Upper Secondary

Welcome to REPS Upper Secondary. We offer a unique and innovative learning experience that equips students with 21st century skills and prepares them for university. We encourage students in ways to help them to recognize their strengths and develop preparedness for the ‘real world’. Our teachers are trained to meet both Thai and international standards, ensuring that our students gain entry to Thai and international universities. We have memorandums of understanding and quota agreements with the top universities of Thailand and we are most proud of our 100% university acceptance rate for all REPS graduates.

When our students reach Upper Secondary, they have a choice of subject tracks. The tracks offered are humanities and science. The humanities track includes subjects such as creative writing, Chinese, business, world history, Thai history, graphic design, to name a few. This track focuses on developing skills in communication, critical thinking, decision making, cultural diversity and historical analysis. The science track is a science and mathematics-intensive course. The students study subjects such as calculus, statistics, matrix operations, advanced algebra and geometry, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, robotics, coding and astronomy. This course enhances problem-solving skills, scientific enquiry and strengthens the ability to interpret data.

Irrespective of the track our students choose, our talented team of Upper Secondary teachers strive to promote academic excellence, instil compassion for others and equip them with tools to face real-life challenges. Our students are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Rumi Ghosh
Head of Upper Secondary