Welcome from the Principal

We are most pleased to welcome you to the Royal English Programme School. A school where your children will be at the heart of all that we do. It is our vision to open the doors of possibility and provide the necessary skills for our students to become the future leaders and innovators of an ever changing international community.

Our unique bilingual programme is designed to provide each of our incredible students a diverse, multicultural and cross curricular educational experience. We offer a holistic approach to education focusing on the development of the child socially, emotionally, physically and within the classroom. REPS Ban Chang offers many exciting educational experiences in the language arts, sciences, mathematics, sports, world cultures, music, creative arts and so much more.

Cross curricular learning occurs in both Thai and English through our carefully designed language arts, science and mathematics programmes. Our dedicated and exceptional team of teachers encourage each child to learn with an open mind through exploration, problem solving, teamwork and creativity. Differentiated support is offered in both Thai and English where individual language skills can be focused on and further developed to continuously ensure the different needs of each child are met. The avenues of learning are endless at REPS Ban Chang as we challenge our students to achieve great heights.

Whether your child is ready for those first exciting days of Nursery and Kindergarten or is well on their way to becoming a future leader of Primary and Secondary, the REPS Ban Chang family is working together to ensure that each amazing child is given our full support, encouragement and commitment as they forge their way into the future.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Grant Gibson