Upper Primary

Welcome to REPS Upper Primary where the ultimate goal is to nurture and encourage lifelong learning. Through hands-on learning experiences, in-class discussions and laying the foundation for higher order thinking skills, we enable students to be creative while exploring their natural curiosity. With extensive grounding as an established educational facility, we continue to nurture our students to be globally minded.

Our unique bilingual programme sets us apart from any other school. The academic programme in Upper Primary is rich and rigorous. Your child will interact with their teachers and peers in a dual language curriculum where they are encouraged to think outside of the box. Students will study Thai and English while also learning science and mathematics in both languages. We offer a wide variety of interdisciplinary activities such as physical education, music, art, coding, careers, swimming, scouts and information technology, ensuring that our students’ learning experiences are not only one-of-a-kind, but also that they are set up for success in an ever-changing, fast-paced world.

We strive to develop a learning culture where students’ interests are honed. Supporting students while motivating them to take ownership of their own development through a collaborative environment to nurture their young minds, ensures an in-depth understanding of subject content and the world around them. With dedicated staff that drive an ethos of passion for children to ensure that they reach their full personal and academic potential, your child will always remain in excellent hands. Embracing both Thai and western traditions, our students experience and develop a multicultural, global perspective on the world around them throughout their learning.

Leadership opportunities such as the Student Representative Council and The Eco Team provide our students a sense of responsibility and leadership. Through fostering confidence at a young age, we aim to instil our core values of Knowledge, Character and Leadership in our students giving them the courage, determination and poise to lead and be the voice of their peers.

Our goal is ensuring that life at REPS is a positive experience for our students and to develop them into the bold, confident leaders of tomorrow.

Your child’s future is our focus.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Rene Naude
Head of Upper Primary