The REPS athletics department is a committed group of student-athletes and coaches whose focus is to obtain academic excellence while also producing teams and individuals who are committed to good sportsmanship and outstanding athletic performance. At REPS, we offer a wide variety of sporting options for students of all ages.


Such efforts are made within the context of our core values of Knowledge, Character and Leadership. In striving to achieve these goals, we are committed to developing student-athletes who can compete on the field now and in the professional world later. We firmly believe that all children should be allowed the opportunity to participate and compete if they so desire. 

Core Values

Knowledge: REPS is committed to the idea that student-athletes are first and foremost students. Participating in school sports is a privilege that can be earned by maintaining high personal academic standards.

Character: We are committed to developing student athletes that compete but do so in the right way. Our goal is to help students develop grit, resilience and self-discipline through sports with the understanding that each participant has unique skills and goals that they are seeking to achieve. Respect, integrity and the right attitude are also important traits that we aim to impart in REPS athletes.
Leadership: Students are given the opportunity to lead teams at the senior and junior levels. We aim to develop confident, able young athletes who feel they can take on leadership roles both on and off the field. Our coaches work closely with our students to ensure they build upon these leadership skills.

Sportsmanship: As a school we strive to field disciplined and competitive student-athletes and teams committed to the highest level of sportsmanship. Creating an atmosphere of respect, fairness and graciousness to our competition, teammates and coaches.

Opportunity: REPS provides equal opportunity to participate in team and individual sports for all those wishing to participate. This includes development of our student-athletes by providing equitable opportunities for growth athletically and academically.

Victory is in having done your best. If you’ve done your best, you’ve won.