Engage School Management

Engage Double First Limited is truly the school management software of the future. REPS is proud to be the one and only English programme school in Thailand that provides this exceptional service to both its parents and students. Through personalised parent and student portals, you will find instant and up-to-date information regarding your child’s academic progress, timetable, school calendar, news and events updates, all correspondences as well as invoicing information. Two-way communication via the Engage messaging service will allow you quick and easy access to your child’s teachers and the school. 

Top universities across the globe incorporate school portal systems into their higher learning education. Engage offers the students and parents of REPS access to that privilege far before the rest. REPS remains at the forefront of innovation in our education and communication practices, offering you the very best at all times. Join us today and become a part of our REPS connected community where your child’s learning will always be a click away.